Konsider magazine is a breath of fresh air. Not often does a publication come along that captures the active lifestyle perspective of the cannabis community. It is fresh, hip and modern. Heru's interview style is real and his upbeat demeanor puts the interviewee at ease. I would recommend anyone wanting to expand their cannabis perspective to pick up a copy of Konsider Magazine.
Brandon Emmett

Konsider Magazine lives up to its mission. The articles are eye opening and shows a connection between cannabis and humans. If cannabis could express itself these are the topics it would talk about.
Dj Dezerk
Every now and then, somebody gets it right. Konsider is an example of perfect timing, creativity and innovation combined. This zine proves that the war on drugs is based on contrived prejudices and that cannabis and those appreciating its medicinal properties have so much more to offer than smoke.
Dr. Baz Moreno
Mexico City, Mexico