Discover The Process of Microdosing

Your Creativity and Free Thinking!

By Josh Cowden

The practice of microdosing psychedelic substances has been around for many years and is now getting some of the mainstream coverage and research it deserves. Microdosing just means taking a very low dose of a psychedelic compound like mushrooms or LSD and continuing on with your everyday life while noting the different mind states and emotions that arise.

When taking a small dose of mushrooms or LSD, melting walls and beautiful colors will not be the result. However, an overwhelming sense of happiness or comfort, as well as an enhanced visual acuity are expected. Dr. James Fadiman, Ph.D., has been studying the effects of psychedelics for over a decade and started studying microdosing in 2010. Fadiman has cited that microdosing psychedelics have many different uses, including improving visual acuity, treating depression and anxiety, improving creativity, and even groundbreaking help for treating cluster headache sufferers.

Creativity is something that can’t necessarily be tracked or tested; it comes from within and is an expression of the person creating it. It seems our society puts a little bit less merit on creativity and in turn favors factual knowledge and business practices. As a result this has made us a highly successful and powerful economic force, and left the creative and free thinking of our society to conform to these standards.

As a child – growing up – you are laughed at when you tell your parents that you want to be an artist or a musician, and they in turn tell you to do something more practical to ensure a better future. This type of thinking is slowly purging the natural creativity of humans and psychedelics give us a glimpse back into that wonderful world of imagination. Even when microdosing with smaller amounts, many users have reported an increased amount of creativity and free-thinking ability when under the influence of psychedelics.

In terms of helping with athletic ability and focus, author James Oroc published a paper on The MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) Bulletin titled, Psychedelics and Extreme Sports. The sub heading of this report reading “LSD can increase your reflex time to lightning speed, improve your balance to the point of perfection, increase your concentration and make you impervious to weakness or pain.” In the report, Oroc discusses the underground world of extreme athletes that all believe in the improvements and affects that microdosing psychedelics can create. Oroc continues saying, “An enhanced spiritual appreciation of the natural environment, along with increased stamina and an almost unnatural improvement in balance, are too powerful of a combination not to become sacred amongst mountain-athletes (and I suspect amongst our hunter-gatherer ancestors).”

Not only does it improve your physical senses, but also your spiritual sense and emotional state as well. Some of the research by Dr. Fadiman also supports the idea of microdosing to help replace addictive pharmaceutical drugs like Adderall and Prozac. Many users who have experienced these low dose psychedelic states can agree that it almost always helps enhance one’s mood and underlying sense of well being.

Albert Hoffman, the scientist who first synthesized LSD also cited that he used small LSD doses to help with anxiety and replacing the highly abused drug of Ritalin. Along with helping fight depression and anxiety, this practice has also been studied in helping addicted drug users get off of their dependence on dangerous drugs and see what other aspects life has to offer. While these aspects are definitely a possibility and there has been some research done to back it. Most universities and scientist avoid the subject due to legal reasons.

It’s clear that psychedelics have a huge amount of unknowns about them and the only thing that can reveal these unknowns is more and more research. Since the 1960’s the negative stigma over psychedelics and their use has been widespread in America. However, with the invention of the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to demonize them with so much positive information available. Research is picking back up and now with even better technology and growing population of people using psychedelics, it’s inevitable that in the future these compounds could be a mainstream tool used to help battle a slew of different medical and psychological conditions.

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