Teal Suns

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Self taught on various mediums including ink, watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, and digital illustration, Teal Suns is a surreal artist from the state of the Lone Star. Influenced at a young age by cartoons, street art, as well as the more traditional realistic art forms, he uses his art to express his internal reactions to the ever changing world around him. Some reoccurring characters in his works include Frez Nitto, Teal’s imaginary friend who stuck around in his mind so long that he eventually became an entire alter ego altogether. King B’Eldi the 8395th, a royal monkey with the face of a boar, who represents the wild spirit and the acceptance of all of one’s parts. And Moai C, a stone faced(literally), gold toothed, live statue who symbolizes ones relationship with ones personal history and decisions made. Teal Suns is an illustrative nomad, traveling and leaving his mark at every step of the way.

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Instagram: @TEALSUNS

E-mail: tealsuns@yahoo.com


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