Dizzy Wright


By Josh Cowden

If you haven’t heard of the name Dizzy Wright – just yet, be prepared to hear it in the near future. Wright is an up and coming rapper representing Las Vegas, Nevada. And he is someone that definitely supports our ideas and mission here at Konsider. Namely, consciousness and spirituality; which Wright speaks of in his song “Train Your Mind” from The Growing Process album.

The lyrics state, “I’m dealing with this third eye shit/I see who they wanna be with three eyes/I got two to look and one to see.” Wright seeks to spread love and positivity through his lyrics rather than the partying and violence that plague our current cultures mainstream rap industry. Along with this positive attitude Wright is also a proud supporter of marijuana legalization and a medical marijuana card holder in his home state of Nevada. He also has his own blog called DizzyOG.com which posts updates about his upcoming releases and events, music, culture, and of course support for marijuana legalization.

Wright has been in the music industry for quite some time. The 24 year-old rapper vividly remembers when he was only 8 years old and performing songs his mother had written for him. From that point on, he was slowly progressing with his music and live performances while working hard to fine tune and craft his sound. That practice paid off in December of 2011 when Funk Volume, one of the biggest independent rap labels in the industry, signed Wright to the record deal he had been working towards for all of those years.

Dizzy is, by far, the most pot-friendly artist on the funk volume label and openly speaks on it whenever he gets the chance. Since signing to Funk Volume, Wright has released several projects including his debut album Smokeout Conversations, and his latest album The Growing Process. Some of his most notable smoking songs are “Local Weed Man”, “Regardless”, and “Smokeout Conversations.” Being the cannabis connoisseur that he is, Dizzy even has managed to breed the genetics for his very own strain of weed. He proudly dubbed it “The Dizzy OG Strain”.

While Wright is obviously a huge supporter of the cannabis community, that’s not completely why we chose him. Dizzy Wright represents the type of human being we would like to see more of in the world as he is constantly emitting positive energy and love. One of Dizzy’s best lines comes from his song “Good Vibes” from The Growing Process. Dizzy says, “Wanna live in a country that’s pot friendly/One love and positive vibrations/ Blessed with a mind that takes me to wild places.” Keep an eye out for this budding talent that is slowly rising to the top of the rap game and does so with some great characteristics.



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