Life’s Biggest Challenge: How do you get focused and stay focused for losing weight?

By Nelson Del Pino

I just want to make a few simple points about weight loss.

The biggest challenge in life as for weight loss is focus. So, the point of this article is: how do you get focused and stay focused for losing weight?

  1. Set an arbitrary goal, plan, or decision to keep moving and to motivate yourself.

The key to planning and goal setting is that you can change them any time. This is called being flexible and true to yourself and your purpose for your objective. For example, you get in your car to drive to work and find a bridge has been closed. The value of your plan (driving to work) depends on your ability to adjust your plan to the conditions of driving so you can get to work on time. The same applies with weight loss.

I weigh myself periodically on the scale; not often, but just enough so that I can make necessary adjustments. That is why I don’t plan on losing too much weight at once or too quickly. Setting a goal on losing five pounds a month to begin is adequate. It is just enough to keep myself consistently motivated. It’s like getting up earlier to prepare for my day. So I can reach my goal and get to work in time.

  1. Set priorities by being clear about what you want.

Most people don’t know how to set priorities because they are not clear about what they want. A priority is doing those parts of your goals that are absolutely essential. Like getting up early, making sure you have enough drive time to get to work on time. For most people, it means getting to the gym or setting time for your meals or to do exercises. It won’t matter how much time you are devoting or dedicating towards your goal, if you haven’t set clear priorities of doing first things first.

My priorities are doing the majority of exercising before eating anything. Then I like to plan my largest meal shortly afterwards: which is usually breakfast or the first meal of the day.

  1. Keep it simple.

The more complicated your plan the more likely it is to fail. Practice making your plans so you can concentrate on doing one thing at a time. Finish what you have started before moving on. Creating responsibility is about developing your ability to respond. And by keeping your priorities straight and doing first things first, it will be easier for you to deal with any unforeseen complications.

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