Quick and Easy Weight-loss Through Meditation

By Nelson Del Pino

Losing weight can be quick and easy if you have the right information. Many weight-loss programs offer quick results. But how do you lose weight quickly, easily, and keep it off.

The first key is to practice moderation because it is the sum of your activities that will help you lose weight more quickly, easily, and safely. So, what are some activities through meditation that can help you lose weight, and keep it off?

  1. Visualize your goals.

Meditation creates the psychological conditions needed for weight-loss. So, you needn’t feel hungry all the time and uncomfortable due to frequent dieting and binging habits. The greatest obstacle to making any kind of change in diet and lifestyle is the fear of failing. Meditation minimizes the kinds of emotions that lead to fear and failure. The first thing is understanding that your appetites are connected to your desires. A person who can control their desires will find it easier to manage their appetites. The more depraved you feel, the stronger desires you will have that will lead to poor eating habits. Consequently, picturing yourself living an abundant, and fulfilling life can help curb your appetite. So, how through meditation, can I manage my cravings?

First, envision the approximate weight-loss you want. I say approximate because healthy weight-loss varies from person to person and cannot be known in advance of creating good eating habits. I recommend targeting a weight you can comfortably control. Losing weight in increments of 5 -10 lbs. every two and four weeks that you may change, and adjust as necessary. My point being – practice now how you would eat once you have reached your weight-loss goal.

  1. Practice rhythmic breathing.

In addition to picturing yourself at your target weight, practice rhythmic breathing. What is rhythmic breathing?

Usually, people assume there are two parts to breathing: inhalation and exhalation. When actually there are four: ¹) inhalation followed by a 2) pause and 3) exhalation followed by a 4) pause before inhalation, pauses prevents hyperventilation that by increasing your appetite creates negative emotion. So, how may I control my emotions through right breathing?

Pausing when you inhale and exhale gives your body time to nourish and fuel your blood with ample oxygen. This is the surest way to control your eating habits. Our emotions are controlled by how we breathe. Therefore, breathing erratically without pause can damage your health.

  1. Do moderate exercise.

Besides developing the right breathing habits moderate exercise helps by giving you ample time for rest and recovery. So, how can moderate exercise help control my appetite?

While excessive exercise makes you breathe erratically and increase your appetite, moderate exercise can curb your appetite. However, rhythmic breathing helps you get ample rest. Pushing yourself to the limit, like an athlete, may produce short-term results, but in the long-run it is not a solution for longevity and health. As long as you can exercise and maintain a rhythm between breaths, you will find that moderate exercise makes weight easier to lose and maintain. So, how much exercise do I need?

How much depends on several factors. First, how active or sedentary is your lifestyle? If you already lead an active life with less rest you may recover more quickly. While a less active person needs more rest for the amount of exercise they do, for better results. When you exercise and run out of breath that is because more time is needed for recovery, to oxygenate, and refuel your blood cells. So, be sure to get plenty of rest and do the amount of exercise that fits your needs.

Finally, keep a journal to take time daily to properly evaluate your exercise, eating, and breathing habits. To learn more about how to lose weight through meditation ask for my newsletter at nelson@vocalmaestro.com

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