Speaking Spliff

By Dr. Baz Moreno

When I arrived in Mexico and decided to introduce myself to various universities, patients, doctors, holistic schools and health practitioners, I felt special. After all, I had been educated in the US, where most adults were assumed to be literate and possess the skills to compete in a global economy. So, in most minds – my knowledge of medicine and health superseded that of any of country.

Truthfully, I had been miseducated and poorly programmed via higher education. I had come from a country that required technology, scientific research and millions of dollars to be poured into a medication before it was trusted and approved by governmental agencies that milked color of law. Surprisingly, if the government sanctions something, it is assumed to be safe and effective despite the fact that the monies invested are for key personnel to look away. Only a small percentage of funds have ever been spent researching the safety and efficacy of a drug or discovering the cure for a disease.

The Government Consists of Hired Individuals

An example of moral neglect or misappropriation of funds is … billions of dollars being raised or gifted, by the government, annually to institutions that do nothing as indicated by their name, for cancer and other diseases and still, there are no cures. This could be due to the fact that the people are consuming disease-producing foods, no effort is being made to fight disease and/or medicine is simply an industry designed to manufacture disease and fabricate products that mask symptoms.

This concept is difficult to grasp by the people because the people believe in government as if it is a physical manifestation of what they call “god”. Governments pick wars with things that do not fight back, cannot protect adequately protect themselves or that have not been proven to be an issue or threat. This is typical government behavior. It talks in sound bites when not communicating in violence; it has nothing meaningful to say.

A government will fight a war on drugs while transporting and warehousing its own supply. A government will war on education and use standardized testing written by out-of-touch, privileged persons to show that an under-privileged child just doesn`t get it. A government will go to war with poverty and offer the less fortunate synthetic foodstuffs and public housing and rob them of any ambition to do for self. The government is undoubtedly a system that is heavily involved in pimping and whoring, but unable to use the words due to political correctness.

Marijuana Brings Us Cannabis

In the Controlled Substances Act, it is clear that many of the drugs listed as Schedule One drugs have useful and legitimate medical purposes and are necessary to maintain the health and general welfare of the people. However, the CSA of 1970 and its reason for existing (the 1914 Harrison Narcotic Act) have only limited the uses of cannabis. In the minds of most politicians (then and now), marijuana will increase crime and enable Black men to mingle with white women. These opinions have obviously gone unchallenged and elected officials, despite ethnicity, have been dumbed down by the very education which they perceived to be an equalizer.

When we hear the term medical marijuana it refers to the use of the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat a disease or symptom. For this reason, all marijuana should be considered medical. To no surprise, the Food and Drug Administration has yet to see the medicinal properties of marijuana. This is the very agency that approved Ritalin (kiddie crack) use for children 6 years and beyond. Furthermore, this agency views aspartame as a food. Yes, they think it’s safe to eat.

As I began to learn more about health, medicine did not appeal to me as much. Sadly, people enter the medical field for a sense of worth, while using their breaks to eat processed meats, sip soda and smoke cigarettes. I learned how to extract the medical properties and prepare medicaments. This was something that I had been led to believe were for the fortunate or elite companies with financial resources. And for all the times that I had passed on a cookie, brownie, candy or item prepared with cannabis butter, I saw how stupid and conditioned I really was and how I had, at least, missed out on a trip or a step towards healing that no one could explain.

I had fought sciatica for years. I recall placing marijuana in my pocket and how the pain eased. I had not even smoked it. Just having it near my body made a difference. And when I decided to take that first toke, I stared at the magic of marijuana as if she would eventually speak to me. I convinced myself to put it out after the fifth toke. Besides, the amount was too little for the price I’d paid and I didn’t like the idea of the smell being in my clothes. Yet, I had forgotten about the pain in my leg; I felt good. I was too damn sharp to have been so damn stupid. I was impressed with this girl. I wanted to know more about Maria.


Before relocating to Mexico, where marijuana is illegal, I visited a friend in Florida. After dinner, he offered me a small treat consisting of puffed rice cereal, marshmallows and things my vegan diet didn’t allow. For a dessert, it was a bit tiny. But what I did not know it that it was a cannabis-infused edible. I figured my friend to be rather stingy or on hard times. But after 30 minutes of talking more than I normally did, I realized that the floor was rising, but I could not touch it. My head seemed super-sized, but extremely light. And for the next two days, my perspective of marijuana was magnified. That one treat changed my life. I would not be able to apologize for all the things that I had said to all the people that had smoked weed.

In the Now

I began to study and experiment with the various uses of marijuana. I refused to not trust my own curiosity and intelligence. Besides, I had been trusting borrowed intellect for most of my career. I had to learn what this plant could do and why I had overlooked it.

I didn’t have time to get into whether it was sativa, indica or hybrid because I was being visited by patients with HIV, cancer, lupus and intestinal issues. I learned how to extract what I needed to make capsules and drops that relieve people of various pains, improve appetite to persons on chemotherapy, reduce seizures, assist creativity, diminish anxiety, alleviate arthritis and decrease one’s viral load.

Looking back, I understand what Dr. Llaila Afrika, the leading authority on African Holistic Health, meant when he’d responded to the news of me having completed my doctorate. “Congratulations! Your receipt of the mountain of garbage proves that you are ready to learn from your Ancestors.” It would take years for me to decipher the message. And I am still deleting the garbage and ignorance. But I, now, know better. Truthfully, cannabis is a wonderful, medicinal plant that has been underestimated due to recreational use and manipulated by stiff, elected officials.


Dr. Baz Moreno lives in Mexico City, Mexico where he operates a health center. He specializes in pain elimination and holistic esthetics. He can be reached at dr.bazmoreno@yahoo.com.mx


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