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By: Joshua Cowden

Colorado continues its impressive beginning to marijuana legalization and business is booming more than ever. According to a 2015 article by Time magazine, “Colorado collected almost $70 million in marijuana taxes during that time, nearly double the $42 million collected from alcohol taxes.” A state raising more marijuana than alcohol tax is an unheard of feat, and is turning heads all over the country.  The industry is booming, jobs and businesses are through the roof, and the market is more competitive than ever. In this fast-paced marijuana business trade, there’s tons of money and little room for the small businessman, but despite the difficult path into the marketplace, David Dzuik has created a fresh new look on a marijuana-infused tea.


Deez Medicated Tea was founded in 2015 and is currently owned and operated in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He distributes his one hundred percent organic medicated green tea, made with sugar, marijuana, real fruit, coconut oil, chlorophyll, and fresh fruit with no added preservatives or GMOs. To learn more about his new product and the battles he overcame in creating Deez Medicated Tea, we sat down with owner David Dzuik for an interview.

DeezTea is infused with natural marijuana and one hundred percent natural ingredients—including fresh fruit. Dzuik decided on CBD because, “In the past I had cancer and with it came pain and many other side effects from the treatments I received. CBD has been known to help fight cancer, pain and a number of other things. CBD with green tea and real fruit gave me a vision of health.” DeezTea offers three products: THC-infused tea, CBD tea, and tea for women’s health. Christine Davidson from Kush Design and Jeremy from Bone Deep Tattoo created the DeezTea logo, in collaboration with Dzuik’s initial ideas.

He became interested in the cannabis industry in 2008, when his cancer specialist and family physician recommended cannabis for treatment. After trying edibles but finding the effects overwhelming and the taste displeasing, he looked into the ingredients and wanted to create a product with fewer additives, to, “change the perspective of a healthy, ideal product.”

What separates Deez Tea from the rest of the industry is that Dzuik is, “considering to supply the world with a product that saves lives—not bank accounts. CBD products have been priced ridiculously. I saw a twelve-ounce CBD beverage selling for sixteen dollars. I have been donating gallons of DeezTea to establishments and individuals [in exchange] for donations of twenty dollars per gallon.”

He sees the current state of the Colorado marijuana scene as, “leading the nation in the example of proper marijuana etiquette. The science and significance of cannabis in association with health is  phenomenal.” However, he adds that finding cancer support groups involving marijuana has been a struggle. He says, “I would like to see a better, open vision to cancer cures.”

 Dzuik considers connecting with the Grow for Vet organization DeezTea’s greatest achievement so far, saying, “With this organization, I have been able to introduce my product to people who use medications and are interested in marijuana support. Pain has been the issue of treatment toward these vets, along with a better personality and state of being.”

In the future, Dzuik hopes to see DeezTea as a household name with worldwide distribution, supporting worldwide health. To aspiring entrepreneurs, he says, “If you have heart and a vision, nothing can come in between until you get there. Even then, you can overcome.”




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