All Aboard Station 420 LLC


By Jasmine Moreno 


Take a ride through the experience of travel and cannabis. One of the most interesting things to do when traveling is to notice and appreciate the differences and similarities in environments, people, and, if they have it legally – the Recreational Shops. As a native to Colorado, this isn’t anything new. The only thing I thought I knew for sure was that since taxes were higher in Washington, so would be the cannabis prices.

I spent a few days in Seattle, WA and ended up residing on a farm near the small town of Yakima. While on the farm, I had rare occasions to go into town with the host family. It wasn’t until their son asked if I smoked that he offered to show me a dispensary. The most pleasant experience I had was at the Station420 LLC. It was there that they had a whole store dedicated to unique and intricate glass pieces as well as a rec shop right next door. As I walked into the glass shop I was happily greeted by one of the laid back employees and drawn in by the beautiful artwork by Ricky Rick, an artist located in California. Ricky had an assortment of wild glass creations ranging from hand blown Amazonian nectar collectors to chrome infused star wars bongs. They also had a lot of local glass work. Of course, my favorite and easiest to travel with were the assorted colored Bob Marley pieces. The best part was having no tax added and prices as low as fifty cents. Surprisingly, Marley was only 10 dollars!

After finding my Washington souvenir, I was then directed to the recreational shop next door. I was captivated by the amount of information that was slapped onto my eyeballs as soon as i walked in. The information ranged from How-To posters, Cannabis Menus, Did-you knows about strains, and different facts about our amendments and rights. They had – and were not limited to – hybrids, Indicas, Sativas, Edibles, Vape oils, CBD, topicals and concentrates all coming from local farms! With shows like the Office and Trailer Park Boys playing on the giant flat screen TV’s; it was a stoner’s paradise! I easily found the big board of Deals of the Day, including gram of the day for an even 10$ and pre-roll pricing.

logo design of Station 420 LLCThe women working were extremely helpful and friendly; answering any and every question I had – leading me to the two menus. These menus included the strain, the type of strain, weight, THC/A%, CBD%, price, and farm each came from. With all this information one strain had caught my eye with 23 % THC level and being an Indica, great for long bus rides, God’s Gift would have to be the one. Much to my surprise, I looked at the Gram of the Day and it happened to be the exact kind! So, instead of the 17 dollars gram, I paid the great price of 10 dollars. The best part was finding out there is absolutely no tax applied. And compared to other recreational shops, in Colorado, there pricing burned other shops up in smoke!

The best parts about this shop were not the cannabis, but rather the time and heart each employee and owner, Adam Markus, had invested to make this an educational experience as well. From the business cards to the individual packages there was an abundance of information on our constitutional rights, amendments and laws. This is a business for friendships, knowledge and of course, great quality cannabis.  If you are traveling through Washington, this shop will be a must see pit stop!

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