The New T.S. The Solution

T.S Head ShotI grew up listening to a lot of R&B.  So, my emotional expressions come from that genre. While rappers like J. Cole, Kendrick, and even 50 Cent continue to show me how to tell stories of my life through song, they have been some of my influences in music.

My Pops named me Devonte, but I go by T.S. – The Solution.  While I am making my music, I think about what life is versus how I want life to be for me and for those who listen to the music. We have to be able to help one another. Music is my conduit for that. Being able to make music people relate to. It is easy for an artist to get caught up in the commercial success that main stream artists obtain, but staying true to yourself and your supporters is the way to go for me. I am thinking this is the most important quality or attribute that has contributed to my success.

The biggest mistake has been inconsistency. I use to write and record a song and then release the record the next day. Now people have to wait a while before they hear from me again. I wish I would have held on to an entire album before releasing a record.

Learning from this mistake, I am thinking, “Once you release a record as an independent artist, your best friend is awareness. Plaster your face on these social media platforms week after week to stay current. Drop one song and disappear, your out of sight and out of mind.

Some other pitfalls you should be aware of – lookout for opportunity costs. The money you spent on the pair of Jordan’s could have gone towards studio time or your own T-shirts. The time you spent playing video games could have went to a song. These mistakes can easily be avoided by prioritizing. If you want music as a career, you got to give it time and money. That simple!

Some of the resources I use …Google. Lol I have a ton of media outlet email addresses from my businesses partners researching efforts. I have also collected addresses and other resources from subscriptions from and

Word of advice to other artists… KEEP GOING!

You can get at me at is the labels official website.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!


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