Road to Success: Entrepreneur Next Door Series with Jim McAlpine Issue 5

jim-mc-cover-page-spread-smaller“By day and by night I am being prospered in all of my interest.”

We learn from examples and mentors by experiences that most take for granted.

“Every adversity has within it the seed of equivalent or greater benefit.” -Napoleon Hill

How effective and efficient are your goals you set for yourself?

Effective advertising is 90% what you say, 10% how you say it.”

If this is the case most of us won’t or can’t comprehend the skill of selling to our fellow men and women.

Our goal here is to sell YOU, Empower YOU, Develop YOUR confidence and character.

By sharing experiences that others have and how you can use the seed to plant within your life.

MOST of us don’t even write down our Goals and really expect our life to be successful by just living life and expect what life gives you.

The human family has forgotten the life principle of Earn VALUE.

The Infinite Intelligence of my subconscious mind revels to me my true place in life.

Finding Your path here on this Flat Plane is the Greatest Mission YOU will Take On!

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The Power is Within Your Hands!

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