How Do Cannabis Use Effect Weight Loss & Increased Metabolism?


Written by: Heru Amun

Cannabis has been mainstream lately and being researched and studied daily.

Here, is a great part of the solution that I have incorporated into my athletic career. As a Responsible Athlete, and not advocating that the youth use Cannabis – but to confront the idea that we are acceptable of prescription pharmaceuticals that are killing our youth and adults.

Cannabis has helped me to keep the focus I need for my particular exercises and workout programs. Yeah, we all have heard that cannabis is bad and it’s a drug which we should avoid.  We have been recently studying and researching that Cannabis has more benefits for Athletes and non-Athletes than we think.

Living as an athlete and focusing on my health and fitness with Cannabis use has been my mission. I have allowed the essence of the Cannabis Plant to assist me in opening my mind via the pineal gland to focus my attention to my particular sport or recreational activity.  Cannabis has been my link back to spirituality as well as communicating with my fellow woman and man about issues that really matter.

Metabolism is very interesting subject when it is related to its functionality with the plant known as Hemp or scientific name Cannabis.

I am not a scientist, but I can say that we have a system in our bodies that is called the human endocannabinoid system. It is found within our neuron system and produces cannabinoids and helps assist the connection to awakening healing properties and many more benefits.

Endocannabinoid system regulates energy (calorie) balance within your metabolism located in the Mammalian Brain.

Building on this fact that the ECS over looks and helps assist or regulate body weight and or body composition developing that lean body mass effect.

Due to brain functionality science has discovered endo/phytocannabinoids in the brain that actives cravings, control of appetite, satiety and food-seeking behaviors.

The Brain carries sensory receptors that response to the cannabis that regulates weight loss, weight management and increase metabolism as one of many benefits of cannabis use with athletes and others that are involved with recreational activities.

Referring back to the original question: how does cannabis use effect weight loss and increase metabolism?

The triggers in cannabis are 2 compounds THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (Cannabidiol). THC activates the appetite and CBD reduces appetite.

With a third compound added to the punch known as THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin) also helps with promoting weight loss improve insulin sensitivity, balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation.

Just smoking cannabis is not the only route that contributes to weight loss and or weight management.

Added with the pain-relieving effects cannabis and exercise seem to harmonize together if you’re looking to improve your physical health and well-being.

There are many more element processes when your on a balanced diet or your nutrition is dial in, adequate sleep, recovery days, physical fitness or workout plan, lower stress levels and living a good healthy lifestyle mostly contribute to a great outcome.

A lot of us are well experience, body fat is very easy to put on then to take off and that’s a fact.

So as we dig deeper into the rabbit hole, cannabis athletes tend to store more carbohydrate and burn more fats after overeating than non-athletes.

This functionality of Endocannabinoid system works like Amino Acids that enhance your metabolism therefore weight loss and or weight management is activated.

This also brings up a great point for those athletes that participate in Fasting that consumes cannabis daily with-out food during and off training hours.

Research also has indicated those who use cannabis tend to eat 600 more calories per day.

We see more activity from cannabis users with lower risk on type 2 diabetes; insulin levels are lower and more likely not to be obese.

2011 study has illustrated cannabis users reduced obesity rates by one-third.

By not eating before training, or working out with less energy your body performs and adapts to the training that is harder on less energy.

This where cannabis steps up to the plate and performs direct energy booster to help activate what we know as Adrenaline or endorphins that contribute to the “Runners High” effect.

Stimulation of the metabolism is caused by the adrenaline.

Adrenaline plays a part in the process as well how the effects of cannabis relates to weight loss, weight management etc..

Adrenaline helps release stored glycogen to burning fat even if your sugar levels are high.

Common belief says, we have accepted when you smoke or ingest cannabis that it will decrease your reaction time, divides your attention, disrupt hand-eye coordination and last for a good amount of hours after usage.

This is the opposite effect with me; it enhances my abilities and focus by being more aware of my body and witnessing how the balancing of my hormones over-all effects my outcome of good health.

With that being said, Cannabis has many great benefits to offer Athletes on all levels of disciplines.

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