Mindsets Are Just Beliefs #CarolSDweck

Mindsets Are Just Beliefs #CarolSDweck


  • I would never be able to get my Body like that
  • What do others think of me
  • I have to work a job to earn more money
  • I don’t spend my money wisely


Beliefs that you can do this or that, and many more belief programming like this has been keeping you away from your full potentiality.


These are all beliefs and if you r mind is set on non-productive beliefs you tend to live your life around negative belief systems.


Most of us have been given these beliefs as children therefore not relearning or reprogramming this process of negative beliefs.


Get clear on your beliefs and focus on how you can develop better productive beliefs that are inspiring, encouraging, motivational for you to Become a Better You.


Choose to replace your beliefs with better outcomes to serve you and others.


Peace, Love, and Happiness,

Heru Modern Monk


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