The Use of Marijuana for Sports Performance Enhancement

By Jimmie Hackmann

There have been some talks on how effective marijuana is as a performance enhancer for athletes. Many share the opinion that the effect of marijuana is higher in some sports than other sports. Marijuana has some ingredients in it that may or may not improve athlete performance as it works based on some factors including psychological factors. Athletes do not consume as much marijuana as heavy marijuana takers. They just take a little fraction of what daily smokers take.


There are several Marijuana strains and each strain has each unique profile. While an Indica strain can help athletes relax and ease their injury pain a Cannabis Sativa strain contains chemical compounds that make people more energetic. These cannabinoids combine with the receptors in the body and brain when it is consumed via vape, edibles and smoke. When it is consumed this way, a marijuana user feels so relaxed as the chemical compounds will control pain, memory, appetite, emotions and other things.


In todayโ€™s athletic world, there is a little-known trend of combining cannabis with athletics in the athletic world of today.


Marijuana is used by runners to perform better and get a longer lasting high. But endurance athletes are now showing that this stereotype is wrong. During exercise, the brain releases several chemicals. Moreover the human brain produces its own endogenous cannabinoids which cooperate perfectly with the Cannabis compounds. Additionally recently it has been proven that marijuana increases the oxygenation of tissues, improves concentration and reduces muscle spasms before, after and during an athletic performance.


It is also believed that the high of the runner is caused by the release of endorphins. In the human body there is embedded a whole system of receptors called endocannabinoid system. There is no definite proof that marijuana boosts the performance of athletes, but a lot of athletes believe that is true as a minimum consumption of Cannabis before working out helps stay focused and more productive.


In 2013, the World Anti-Doping Agency increased the allowable acceptance of THC for athletes. This is a proof that there is an increased tolerance for marijuana in the world. This new allowable tolerance now means that athletes can consume marijuana during training and they will only trigger a positive result if they consume cannabis on the day that they will partake in a competition. A spokesman for the World Anti-Doping Agency said that the reason cannabis is not allowed on the days of competition is that it might be a performance enhancer.

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