Mission Statement

โ€œHave You Ever Encountered a Unique Multimedia Publication That Has So Much Passion To Making Sure You Succeed and Profit For Life! As A Responsible Cannabis Supporter Or Non-Supporter?โ€

Konsider Groupย is a start-up that will serve as an interactive way to informing the reader by actively engaging in the community and bridging gaps between consciousness and medical ignorance. Focusing on Health and Fitness, Sports Lifestyles in the Cannabis Trade Industry.

Marijuana has been given a bad rap for more than 80 years. In addition, it has developed numerous stigmas that we have been unable to challenge due to the public and social miseducation.

Therefore these myths must be explored & exposed:

  • Marijuana has no medicinal value.
  • Marijuana causes crime.
  • Marijuana is highly addictive.
  • Marijuana kills brain cells.
  • Marijuana is a gateway drug.
  • And many more myths we need to explore.

The science behind this plant carries evidence of the ability to improve the psyche and body. Therefore, we must journey within and ask the necessary questions to find the relevant answers that are more easily revealed through use of the Cannabis plant.