Vision Statement

โ€œHave You Ever Encountered a Unique Multimedia Publication That Has So Much Passion To Making Sure You Succeed and Profit For Life! As A Responsible Cannabis Supporter Or Non-Supporter?โ€

Konsider Groupย will be the state of the art connection in fitness, health associated with Cannabis. Our intentions are to favorably position the Konsider Portal by being an active force of positivity in the community. This will assist us in generating the necessary funds to develop workshops, seminars and events that will help others to benefit from the information and solutions we have to offer.

In addition, it will be a guide for informing interested parties about Cannabis Laws and the importance, thereof.

What problem is my business trying to solve?

We are providing functional information for individuals whom are attached to the cannabis lifestyle.

How is my product or service going to solve that better than the existing option?

Konsider provides members and readerโ€™s feedback on what is important and what is beneficial for the member of Konsider Portal.

How am I going to use the money I raise to help me build my business?

Konsider Group will provide opportunity to the communities nationwide that help with developing more awareness vehicles of small business ventures that will bring more money to the Konsider portal for clothing, magazine subscribers, advertisers, goodie bags, books, workshops, seminars and trade shows that will help raise funds and build the brand of Konsider.